The Travelling Theatre or as it is referred to in German “Wanderbühne” or wandering stage has a long tradition in European folk theatre.Theater Carnivore was founded by Heidelberg actor Florian Kaiser in 2015 and named after the epithet of the Greek god for wine and theater Dionysus ("raw meat eaters" eg "The Maenads" Euripides, Carnivore = The Carnivore), It has since gone from strength to strength.The company’s converted fire truck carries everything needed for a true theatrical spectacle.The fold-out  steel stage created by Mannheim artist Motz Tietze  andKaiser’s loving attention to all other details theatrical has established his wandering troupe as a thoroughly engaging theatre experience. Theater Carnivore is a masterwork of theatrical functionality  arriving at wineries, farms, castles and public spaces all over Europe bringing all the delights, engagement, and wonderful lost in the moment absorption, of bigger theatres. So young - and yet one of the last of its kind, it’s an unmissable authentic theatre experience.